Techshian Software and its Management has been providing custom business productivity solutions for over 5 years since 2015. Our core values are high quality services, transparent pricing and effective communication.

Experience of Expertise

For more than 5 years, Techshian has been helping customers from the USA , INDIA and Europe bring their ideas to life, starting with simple & complex mobile apps , custom software all the way to multifunctional corporate portals. All this time, we've been accumulating professional experience, which now allows us to solve your tasks ever faster and more effectively.

Retention Rate

Over 90% of our customers have worked with us before We value long-lasting business relationships with our clients. By providing high quality service we earn our clients’ trust that results in decades of fruitful cooperation.

Enterprise Oriented

Through our work with large businesses, we have gained important insight into complex processes specific to enterprises. This not only allows us to develop products more efficiently, but also understand our customers on a deeper level and offer unique solutions to their problems.


We have 26+ highly qualified specialists in our company, two thirds of whom have 4 or more years of work experience. Our developers' professionalism is acknowledged in many certificates. We are working with the most up-to-date technologies - Java , Kotlin , Hadoop, Node.js, React Native and augmented reality. We practice an agile approach to development, including Scrum. Describe your project and receive an assessment within 24 hours.